PIE Network connects, supports, and promotes a network of education advocacy organizations working to improve K-12 education in their states so that every student graduates world-ready.

Engaging Communities in Campaign Planning

While the dust continues to settle on the election results and advocates, parents, educators, thought leaders, and analysts speculate as to what President-Elect Trump, Betsy DeVos, Congress, and new state leaders and legislatures will or won’t do w

Indiana Elections Create New Opportunities for Advocates

Since 2012, Indianapolis Public Schools have seen marked improvement, including increased graduation rates and decreased D and F-rated schools. In order to maintain the momentum,

2015 PIE Network Annual Report

Click below to explore the PIE Network's interactive 2015 Annual Report, which tells the story of the unique role the Network plays in the national education reform movement.

Engaging Educators on ESSA

In efforts to improve policies and outcomes for students, education advocates are continuing to engage with educators, who have a critical perspective on how policies will play out in their classrooms. I
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78 Advocacy Groups in 34 States & D.C.

PIE Network connects 78 education reform organizations in 34 states and Washington, D.C. Together, Network members are connected, think bigger, work smarter, and give back—all in the service of improving education for every student.

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Stories & Tools for Advocates

PIE Network gathers and shares resources and updates from and for education reform leaders, with a focus on the issues that, each year, Network members identify as being most pressing.

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Events across the Network, whether in-person or virtual, offer advocates opportunities to trade resources and know-how, sharpen strategy, deepen craft, restore, and refuel.

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