Exploring ACEs & Trauma Policy
July 28, 2017

One out of five kids in Delaware have experienced two or more Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

A recent Rodel Foundation blog post examines the “alarming rates” of ACEs in Delaware and nationwide, as well as how ACEs affect childhood development and educational experiences. The blog post also discusses strategies for preventing ACEs through social and emotional learning techniques and trauma-informed teaching practices.

Last week, the League of Education Voters also explored the intersection between ACEs, trauma, and student success during a webinar. Communications director Arik Korman moderated a discussion with David Lewis, director/program manager of behavioral health services at Seattle Public Schools, who shared best practices for teaching and assessing students who have experienced trauma.

A recent SCORE research brief explores the importance of addressing Tennessee students’ health needs. Better Health, Better Learning: Research on Improving Student Health and Academic Success reviews years of research on student health and educational outcomes. One key finding: physical activity, nutrition, and overall well-being can have a profound effect on student achievement. In August, SCORE will partner with NashvilleHealth to further explore these issues during the Better Health, Better Learning statewide summit.

In June, Educators for Excellence-Chicago released Sounding the Alarm, which provides recommendations for improving school climate and culture in Chicago. Through 26 focus groups and surveys of hundreds of Chicago teachers, E4E compiled ideas for better serving the needs of student populations, including students impacted by trauma.

If you’d like to connect with Rodel, the League of Education Voters, SCORE, or E4E-Chicago, please reach out.


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