Best-Selling Author Eric Barker Kicks Off the PIE Network Summit
August 11, 2017

For years, Eric Barker’s blog, Barking Up the Wrong Tree, has served up witty perspectives on the many factors that contribute to individual success — insights backed by science that often counter popular wisdom. His new book Barking up the Wrong Tree just debuted at number two on the Wall Street Journal best seller list. He’ll bring that wit and wisdom to the 2017 PIE Network Summit.

The Summit brings together leaders driving change in state capitols with leading thinkers in education to look back on advocacy advances made in state capitols and prepare for the coming year. (This year, we meet in San Francisco. For more on how to register, click here.) 

Here are a few of our favorite Eric Barker posts:

You can follow Eric’s blog here.

    Ashley Schmidt

    Ashley is PIE Network's Senior Director of Member Engagement & Communications

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