Can you hear me now?
April 27, 2017

Advocates are always welcoming new approaches to communicating with stakeholders near and far. Recently, we’ve noticed an uptick in podcasting among PIE Network members. Sharing content this way is cost-effective, easy to consume, and establishes a personal connection with the listener in a way that reading from a brochure or website can’t.

Stand for Children Oklahoma recently launched its STANDcast series, which offers in-depth conversations with local and national advocates as well as lawmakers whose policies are impacting Oklahoma classrooms.

League of Education Voters has been producing a podcast series since last fall that features interviews with Washington State policymakers and Teachers of the Year.

Through a recent podcast, Chalkboard Project explores a piece of legislation that could move toward better alignment of early learning and K-12 education systems in Oregon.

And, of course, our friends at The Thomas B. Fordham Institute have been producing the Education Gadfly Show for more than eight years. Each week features a lively discussion of recent education news from around the country as well as a featured research study.
Think podcasting could be a useful tool for your toolbox? Reach out if you’d like a virtual connection to any of these organizations.

Sarah Grunewald

Sarah is PIE Network's Deputy Executive Director, Program Strategy

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