Common Core Policy’s Impact on Classroom Instruction
May 18, 2017

Teachers Report Covering New Standards but also Old Standards

In a recent report, the Brookings Institute examines the impact of policy on classroom instruction through the lens of college and career-ready standards in Kentucky, Ohio, and Texas.

The authors approached the study through the “policy attributes theory” that argues specificity, authority, consistency, power, and stability are the key factors influencing the effectiveness of implementation. Reviewing the survey results of teachers in the three states, the authors codified teachers’ impressions of how standards-related policy was being implemented as well as which standards the educators reported teaching.

While the researchers found some variations on policy perception and instruction among states, grades, and subjects, the major finding of interest for advocates is that educators report covering the standards but also report covering topics that were de-emphasized in the standards.

The authors caution, “If greater attention is not paid to supporting teachers to implement the standards and reduce coverage of deemphasized content, we worry the standards will not have much effect.”

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Laura Mann

Laura is PIE Network's Senior Director, Communications, Standards, and Accountability

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