Data Equity Walks for Colorado Parents
October 19, 2017

“Data should be empowering, not intimidating”

Advocates at Stand for Children Colorado have been engaging parents in education reform efforts for years, but this summer, they decided to take a different approach. Adapting the Data Equity Walks designed by The Education Trust-West, Stand Colorado joined with local partners to take 40 parents through 90 minutes of data exploration, featuring actual student achievement viewed against the goals of Denver Plan 2020.

Through their Stand University for Parents (Stand UP) program, Stand Colorado has been training parents how to advocate on behalf of their children. The parents who participated in the recent Data Equity Walks will continue the Stand UP program to develop leadership skills for advocacy.

While parents were eager to dive into the data, Executive Director Jeani Frickey Saito noted they “expressed nearly universal concern” about how the district would be able to accomplish the ambitious goals set forth in the plan. Saito quotes one participating parent who said, “it can be overwhelming and difficult to see the truth about how our kids are doing. However, our kids are never going to improve if we aren’t honest about where they are.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Data Equity Walks, Ed Trust-West has created a toolkit for advocates and will be leading a full-scale Data Equity Walk at this year’s PIE Network Summit next week.

Laura Mann

Laura is PIE Network's Senior Director, Communications, Standards, and Accountability

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