Equity Pilot Cultivating Progress in Oregon
May 15, 2017

A new pilot launched by Chalkboard Project and local school districts in Oregon is helping educators, families, and community stakeholders tackle the root causes of educational inequity. The pilot is part of Chalkboard’s strategic focus on equity, and builds on their success in facilitating improvement efforts in schools and districts across the state.

In the equity pilot, Chalkboard works with leaders in two school districts to identify the underlying structures and beliefs responsible for educational inequity, and then stakeholders generate and implement strategies to address the issues.

Chalkboard Project’s new video highlights the pilot’s progress this school year, with students, teachers, and school leaders sharing their experiences in seeking to understand and meet the needs of all students.

The organization also recently sat down with Randy Schild, superintendent of Tillamook School District, to hear how the equity pilot is going in schools there. One of Schild’s revelations in participating in the pilot: “Equity means all students have the opportunities, the encouragement, and the support they need to be successful. If kids know you care, you’re three steps ahead of where you’d be otherwise.”

Chalkboard will evaluate the lessons learned and identify promising practices in order to extend the equity focus in districts across Oregon.

Learn more about how advocates can work directly with schools to promote equity on Chalkboard Project’s website, and read more about their approach to educator engagement in a recent interview here.

Eric Eagon

Eric is PIE Network's Senior Director, Educator Voice and Policy

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