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October 6, 2017

Through his blog “Barking Up the Wrong Tree,” Eric Barker has been crafting smart summaries of science-based research on topics that help people become more effective—and happier!—professionally and personally for more than eight years. His punchy, witty writing style and social media savvy earned him almost 300,000 followers. Now, his book of the same title is trending on best seller lists across the country.

Eric joins us in San Francisco, Wednesday, Oct. 25, to open the Network’s annual Summit. He’ll share insights from his blogs and book, plus what he’s learned along the way to build his social media following and brand.

Advocates aren’t the only professionals whose success relies heavily on being an effective influencer: that’s why the arts of influence are a regular topic in his writing. And what research shows again and again is that often conventional wisdom isn’t all that wise. For instance…

  • Think asking for insight and advice makes you look weak or incompetent? That being too nice won’t get you far in advocacy? Or that small talk is a waste of time?
  • Are you trying to get people to do the right thing by appealing to their sense of altruism or a greater purpose? Or that mounting a pile of facts makes one an effective influencer in a statehouse?
  • Are you only hiring “A” student types, assuming they’ll always be the most successful?

You might be surprised to learn what science has to say about how much—or how little—these things contribute to success. Here are some of our favorite Eric Barker blogs on influence.

Cultivating Networks is another essential skill for success, and Eric’s written on that too. Here are two of our favorite blogs that will help you get the most out of your networking time at PIE Network Summit and beyond.

The importance of looking outside education to sharpen advocacy know-how has been a regular theme in the Network. And testing conventional wisdom will be a theme at the Summit this year in other ways too. Many of the discussions will ask leaders to push boundaries of conventional assumptions in policy and advocacy to strengthen our ideas and our abilities to get them implemented. We look forward to featuring broad take-aways from Summit discussions in future posts.


Suzanne Tacheny Kubach

Suzanne is PIE Network's Executive Director

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