How Charter Authorizers Drive Growth
March 17, 2017

The National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) released a new report on the growth of charter schools across the country and the role authorizers play in the opening and closing of charters. The report entitled “Inside Charter School Growth: A Look at Openings, Closings, and Why Authorizers Matter” includes findings from NACSA’s annual survey of the nation’s large authorizers. This year’s highlights include:

  • Charter school applications have decreased by nearly 50 percent since 2012.
  • Charter applications continue to be approved at a steady rate of about 35 percent over the last five years.
  • The number of authorizers in a state has no relationship to charter school growth.

However, NACSA believes that data only tells part of the story. They want to learn more and explore how you interpret these trends. How do you think authorizers contribute or don’t contribute to the slowdown in charter school growth? Have an opinion? Tweet @QualityCharters with the hashtag #charterpipeline and share your thoughts.

Tanzi West Barbour

Tanzi is PIE Network's Senior Director, Communications, Charters, and Choice

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