Introducing our Newest Members
July 14, 2017

As the education advocacy sector expands and evolves across the country, the Network is keeping pace. We are excited to welcome six new members, each representing unique constituencies ranging from parents to business leaders to conservative policy makers. The leaders of these organizations also bring important experiences from different contexts—from corporate America to a teachers’ union to advocacy to a state education agency.

Alliance for Childhood Education
Oklahoma Educated Workforce Initiative
Parents Amplifying Voices in Education
Ready Colorado
Teach Plus Massachusetts

The PIE Network connects 77 organizations in 34 states, plus Washington, D.C., committed to the same core beliefs. The Network provides space for advocates to engage in cross-ideological conversations, share know-how and lessons learned, and sharpen strategy.

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Alliance for Childhood Education

Torree Pederson, President

The Alliance for Childhood Education is a non-profit, non-partisan coalition of business leaders committed to improving the education systems in both Kansas and Missouri. Their mission is to encourage businesses to make thoughtful investments of time and talent in education initiatives that will enhance student achievement and contribute to long-term economic development.

In 2017, the Alliance for Childhood Education worked to get full-day kindergarten included in the K-12 Funding Formula in Kansas and helped expand voluntary universal pre-K options in Missouri by allowing community-based child care providers to offer pre-K services. The organization is also working to promote workforce development initiatives in Missouri, removing barriers between education/students and business.  Adult High Schools, CTEC (Career and Technical Education Certification),Visiting Scholars legislation, and business-centric curriculum are just a few of the initiatives being pushed by the organization.  You can read much more about their policy platform here.  


Atnre Alleyne, Executive Director

Launched in January 2017, the Delaware Campaign for Achievement Now (DelawareCAN) empowers, mobilizes, and collaborates with everyday Delawareans to advocate for a high-quality education system. DelawareCAN (a branch of the 50CAN network) uses grassroots organizing, government relations, and research to ensure Delaware’s education system is excellent for every student.

As part of DelawareCAN’s efforts to create better school reporting and accountability practices in the state, they worked to ensure that Delaware included a transparent school rating system in its ESSA plan. Other key advocacy issues in 2017 included protecting the state’s performance assessment for teacher licensure and pushing for a funding formula that accounts for poverty and English Language Learners.

Through a recent statewide listening tour and other outreach efforts, DelawareCAN explored multiple statewide perspectives on education in Delaware. Learn more about their findings here.

Oklahoma Educated Workforce Initiative

Jennifer Monies, Executive Director

The Oklahoma Educated Workforce Initiative (OEWI) is a non-profit, non-partisan coalition of business leaders committed to improving Oklahoma’s education system through policy and advocacy. While working to provide an engaged and informed business perspective on Oklahoma education, OEWI focuses on five key policy areas: education-to-workforce pathways, system-building and accountability, human capital, transparent and equitable funding, and continuous improvement.

In 2017, OEWI worked to support legislation that strengthens Oklahoma’s A-F accountability system through adjusting the metric to better focus on growth for all students and meet students where they are. Read more about OEWI’s A-F school grades model recommendations here.

Parents Amplifying Voices in Education

Maya Martin Founder and Executive Director

Parents Amplifying Voices in Education (PAVE) connects, trains, and empowers charter parent leaders to give families in Washington, D.C. a voice in the education conversation. By unifying charter parents who otherwise remain disconnected, and advocating for a parent-driven policy agenda, PAVE works to ensure that all parents feel empowered to impact policy and increase access to great public schools.

Earlier this spring, PAVE was a vocal supporter of Washington, D.C.’s ESSA plan and worked to highlight the importance of developing a state report card to readily enable parents to compare and contrast school options on consistent measures. In May, PAVE worked with their parent leaders at their first annual PAVE Parent Policy Summit to determine specific focus areas for the current year. They are in the process of launching Parent Leaders in Education Boards to convene parents around strategy-development and advocacy training to tackle those issue areas. Learn more about PAVE’s recent work here.

Ready Colorado

Luke Ragland, President

Ready Colorado (ReadyCO) is a group of conservatives leading the charge for better schools in Colorado. They support conservative education champions and advocate for a more student and family-centered education system.

In the organization’s short tenure, they have become a major force in Colorado’s conservative political circles. At the legislature, they’ve worked with bipartisan coalitions to improve and protect the state’s accountability system. ReadyCO also partnered closely with other PIE Network members in Colorado to guarantee equitable local funding for charter school students.

Teach Plus Massachusetts

Paul Toner,  Executive Director

Teach Plus Massachusetts, an affiliate of the national Teach Plus organization, works to empower excellent, experienced teachers to take leadership over key policy and practice issues that affect their profession and students’ success.

In 2009, the inaugural cohort of Teach Plus Teaching Policy Fellows launched in Boston. Today, more than 150 highly-effective teachers have taken part in the Massachusetts Teaching Policy Fellowship.

In addition to local and state fellowships, Teach Plus Massachusetts’ innovative policy and practice programs include teacher-led professional learning programs.

Teach Plus has been active in engaging teachers in policy discussions around teacher evaluation, school improvement strategies, strengthening teacher preparation, and professional learning for educators. Recent policy priorities include advocating for high quality standards and next generation assessments, successful implementation of new MA standards, and strengthening district/charter/private school relationships via the Boston Educator Collaborative.

A complete map of our membership is available here and additional news and resources are available here.


Suzanne Tacheny Kubach

Suzanne is PIE Network's Executive Director

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