Making Gains: Lessons Learned from an Improving NC Middle School
May 19, 2017

In a recent blog post, Brenda Berg, President and CEO of the Business for Educational Success and Transformation North Carolina (BEST NC), details a visit to an improving middle school that, in the words of the school motto, is “heading North.”

Berg describes walking into Sandy Grove Middle School “like walking into a textbook example of a ‘Good-to-Great’ for education.” Just three years ago the majority of schools in Sandy Grove Middle’s rural district earned a D or F. And now, Hoke County is the only district in North Carolina where every school met or exceeded yearly academic growth in 2015-16.

Berg highlights innovative technology and dynamic leadership practices that she observed at Sandy Grove as well as the intangible practices that build culture and momentum, like the school’s motto “Headed North, B-bound!”

For other advocates working to identify what’s moving the needle in improving schools, Berg’s blog zones in on best practices that leaders can work to replicate and support. Interested in connecting with BEST NC? Reach out.

Ashley Schmidt

Ashley is PIE Network's Digital Strategy Director

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