PIE Network 2017 Member Priorities Survey
February 21, 2017

Each year, PIE Network advocates share priorities for the upcoming year in the PIE Network Member Priorities Survey. This year, 50 leading advocacy organizations from 27 states identified their focus for the year ahead. Due to the changing landscape of legislative sessions, priorities for the year may change. However, these are the issues leaders are proactively devoting their energy and resources to in 2017.

Similar to previous surveys, Network members ranked their priorities on the following 10 categories: Accountability and Transparency. Charters and Choice, Teacher Quality, Teacher Prep, Standards, School Finance, Pre-K, Literacy, School and District Governance. For high priority issues, members also described more specifics about their policies and plans. Additionally, advocates shared the topics they have expertise in and which national organizations they typically go to for support on their top priority issues.

2017 Trends:

  • Almost everyone who responded is focused on accountability and transparency, with ESSA requirements demanding attention. 92 percent of respondents are working on this issue.
  • Charters remain a top priority issue within the Network, though not one that seems to always require multiple year engagement.
  • While a significant 76 percent say they are working on policies to improve educator effectiveness, fewer say it’s the top priority. There’s also  greater variety in policy approaches compared to previous years and other issues.
  • Interest in school choice policies is rising with many members saying federal emphasis could give them state-level momentum.
  • There’s a notable uptick in the number of organizations prioritizing finance issues, driven by ESSA financial transparency requirements. Roughly the same number of members as last year are focused on other fixes for fiscal systems they describe as underfunded, broken, and inherently “unfair.”

To learn more, head to each issue page:

Each issue page includes information intended to help state advocates connect and think bigger. For each page, you can:

  • Find contact information for PIE Network advocates with expertise on a range of issues;
  • See which organizations are working on popular policies within an issue;
  • Learn about the outlook for 2017 for each issue area, including insight from leading state advocates; and
  • View United States maps plotting where advocates are planning to actively engage on an issue, giving a bird’s-eye view of the state education advocacy landscape.

Like many PIE Network resources, this annual survey began at the urging of Network members, who use it to connect with colleagues focused on similar issues. Please also reach out to the PIE Network team to gain more insights about the survey and for introductions to colleagues you don’t yet know.

Thank you to all of our PIE Network members who participated in the survey!

  • A for Arizona
  • A+ Colorado
  • Advance Illinois
  • Campaign for School Equity
  • Chalkboard Project
  • Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri
  • Colorado Succeeds
  • ConnCAN
  • Connecticut Council for Education Reform
  • DC School Reform Now
  • Democrats for Education Reform District of Columbia
  • Democrats for Education Reform Louisiana
  • EdAllies
  • Educate Nebraska
  • Educate Texas
  • Educators for Excellence-Chicago
  • Educators for Excellence-Minnesota
  • Educators for Excellence-New York
  • EdVoice
  • Expect More Arizona
  • Foundation for Florida’s Future
  • Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education
  • GeorgiaCAN
  • Idaho Business for Education
  • Institute for Quality Education
  • League of Education Voters
  • Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education
  • Mississippi First
  • North CarolinaCAN
  • One Chance Illinois
  • Parent Revolution
  • Partnership for Learning
  • Prichard Committee
  • Rodel Foundation of Delaware
  • SouthCarolinaCAN
  • Stand for Children Arizona
  • Stand for Children Colorado
  • Stand for Children Illinois
  • Stand for Children Louisiana
  • Stand for Children Massachusetts
  • Stand for Children Oregon
  • Stand for Children Washington
  • Student Success California
  • Tennessee SCORE
  • TennesseeCAN
  • Texas Aspires
  • The Education Trust-Midwest
  • The Education Trust-New York
  • Thomas B. Fordham Institute-Ohio

If there is anything on the 2017 Member Priorities Survey webpage that needs correcting or updating, please contact Lukas

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