Ohio & Missouri Expand Options for Rural Students
July 14, 2017

As Rachel Canter, executive director at Mississippi First, explored in a recent blog post, advancing, and in some cases retrofitting, education policy in rural areas comes with unique challenges. Talent recruitment, transportation, rigid regulations, and more can make for hard fought and sometimes slow-moving change. However, as the Thomas B. Fordham Institute-Ohio shared in a recent blog post, the Buckeye State may be taking steps to unlock opportunities for students in rural areas.

In a study released earlier this summer, Fordham-Ohio found that interdistrict enrollment provided new options to families, and while the majority of students experienced modest but positive test gains, African American students made significant gains. In a recent blog post Fordham-Ohio identifies four areas where interdistrict enrollment could help tackle specific challenges faced in rural areas: parental choice, advanced or specialized course offerings, competition, and transportation. Read more in their blog post.

In Missouri, advocates at the Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri (CEAM) are working to highlight how one small, rural district is creating new options for students. In a multi-part blog series, CEAM digs into how Grandview R-2 has used virtual classes to dramatically expand the advanced or specialized course offerings for rural students. The series focuses on expanding course offerings, providing online summer class options, and offering virtual CTE courses to help students explore career paths.

If you’re interested in connecting with Mississippi First, Fordham-Ohio, or CEAM, please reach out.

Ashley Schmidt

Ashley is PIE Network's Senior Director of Member Engagement & Communications

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