Oregon Measure 98: Flexibility, Support for Schools
September 8, 2017

As the school year ramps up in Oregon, districts are preparing to ensure that more students will graduate from high school than ever before. Measure 98, a voter-mandated ballot initiative championed by Stand for Children Oregon, makes this goal possible by providing Oregon students with an unprecedented level of access to resources and supports. A recent blog post from Stand for Children Oregon shares an overview of Measure 98 implementation and highlights its true value: it’s anything but a “one-size-fits-all” policy.

Measure 98 was supported by 1.2 million Oregon voters in the hopes of boosting the state’s high school graduation rate—the third lowest in the country—as well as preparing students for postsecondary success. It provides a total of $170 million in funding to support three areas of programming:

  • career technical education
  • college-level educational opportunities
  • dropout prevention strategies.

These areas were selected based on their effectiveness in individual Oregon school districts and in other states across the country. While the 2014 high school graduation rate in Oregon was only 72 percent, the rate for students enrolled in CTE coursework climbed to 87.5 percent.

School districts submitted plans to the Oregon Department of Education (DOE) to demonstrate how they will use funds to implement programming in their schools. Funding levels vary for small, medium, and large school districts, with smaller districts receiving less funding but having more flexibility in their programming. This Oregon DOE resource allows parents to see how much funding their child’s school district or charter school is receiving.

To learn more about Measure 98 implementation, find Stand Oregon’s full blog post here, or check out their Measure 98 Implementation FAQs to learn more. You can also read more in previous blog posts on our site here and here.

To connect with advocates at Stand Oregon, please reach out.

Christina Dobratz

Christina is PIE Network's Project Manager, Communications  

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