The Power of Data Makes Educators “Learner Ready”
August 17, 2017

Students excel when teachers are able to effectively lead classrooms and focus on unique student needs. Teachers excel when they are prepared to do so. A new primer, “Using Data to Ensure That Teachers Are Learner Ready on Day One,” from the Data Quality Campaign, explores the power of data in supporting educator preparation.

The report examines the challenges of lack of access to information—felt by educators, preparation programs, policymakers, and families as they try to navigate important decisions without a complete picture. DQC also offers a call to action for state leaders, with policy recommendations related to data comprehensiveness, access, and effective use—all designed to drive improvement in educator preparation and empower teachers to be “learner ready” on day one in the classroom.

In the report, advocates will also find concrete examples from states (Massachusetts, Missouri, and Tennessee) that have leveraged data to create a culture of continuous improvement, address teacher shortages, and go beyond accountability. The full report can be found here. If you would like to learn more about leveraging data to improve educator preparation, or want to make a connection with the Data Quality Campaign, please reach out.

Sarah Grunewald

Sarah is PIE Network's Deputy Executive Director, Program Strategy

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