EdAllies Shares Six Wins from Minnesota’s 2017 Session
July 14, 2017

While unprecedented conflict between state legislators and Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton has garnered much attention, in a recent blog post EdAllies highlights six fundamental education policies that progressed during Minnesota’s legislative session this year.

EdAllies Executive Director Daniel Sellers shares a detailed analysis on their website. Highlights include:

Data Disaggregation

Ed Allies and a coalition of community groups partnered with policy makers to strengthen the All Kids Count Act, removing implementation hurdles to capture disaggregated student data across races, ethnicity and other key categories.

Alternative Teacher Preparation

Legislation passed to remove hurdles and support investment in innovative models for teacher preparation.

Teacher Retention

The state will no longer require a default of seniority-based layoffs, and will instead empower local districts and union to negotiate their own criteria for when layoffs occur.


If schools fail to assess at least 95 percent of students annually, they will still be required to include 95 percent of students in the proficiency denomination, aligning the state’s public reporting with federal standards.

Early Learning

The state will invest $20 million in targeted early learning scholarships, and $50 million for a “School Readiness Plus” program for charter and traditional public schools.

Teacher Licensure

The state will establish a licensure model allowing teachers to obtain their license at one of four tiers, depending on training and experience. This model also creates a clear path to licensure for out of state teachers, and creates an entity to oversee all teacher licensing activity.

More context about Minnesota’s 2017 legislative sessions is available here

Ashley Schmidt

Ashley is PIE Network's Senior Director of Member Engagement & Communications

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