School Climate from Measurement to Improvement
May 19, 2017

Report on School Climate Timely Now More Than Ever

With many states including measurements of school culture in their accountability systems, advocates may see an opportunity to make progress on policies targeted to improve school climate. Despite the growing sense of urgency around school climate,  best approaches on the issue are not clear; PIE Network partner The Education Trust cautions there are many concerns with how to accurately measure school climate and avoid incentivizing schools to underreport issues.  

When the conversation shifts from measurement to improvement in the classroom, the challenges are even more daunting. In a new blog post from Educators for Excellence-New York, educator Deirdre Levy discusses how it has taken her years to implement a positive school culture in her classroom. Looking back, she wishes there had been more of an emphasis on building a positive school culture during her training and first years on the job.

Educators for Excellence-New York has been a leading organization on the issue of school climate, as they’ve worked to quantify and articulate the issue and then propose recommendations from research-based practices and the critical input of the many educators they engage.. Their report, Climate Change, is a must-read for advocates looking for policy recommendations on how to go beyond measuring climate and actually do something about it.   

Lukas Boehning

Lukas is PIE Network's Manager, Policy and Research

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