Spotlight on Educator Leadership in the Bluegrass State
January 5, 2018

Photo courtesy of Allison Shelley/The Verbatim Agency for American Education/ Images of Teachers and Students in Action

A recent series of briefs from the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence highlights examples of efforts to increase teacher leadership opportunities in Kentucky. According to the reports, these examples help demonstrate how new educator roles and collaborative options are improving school culture and leading to better results with students.

“Bringing teachers together creates a forum for strengthening the teaching profession and student outcomes. For many, the growth has led to a more satisfying and wider view of what it means to be a teacher as well as ideas that translate to more engaging and effective classrooms.”

Each report includes reflections from teachers who have benefited from leadership opportunities, such as networking, collaboration on common assignments, and expanded teacher roles.

The briefs also discuss key challenges as the state seeks to further improve educator leadership opportunities, including growing experiences from pilot phases to successful larger-scale systems, effectively deploying teacher leaders across district boundaries, and fundamentally rethinking teacher career paths.

To develop these briefs, the Prichard Committee partnered with CTEPS, CTL, Kentucky’s Education Professional Standards Board, Hope Street Group, the Kentucky National Board Certified Teacher Network, and Transform Education Kentucky.

Find the full series of briefs here. To learn more about efforts across the country to expand educator leadership, check out the Educator Voice Opportunities report, or reach out.

Christina Dobratz

Christina is PIE Network's Project Manager, Communications & Policy  

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