Supercharging STEM in Colorado
December 7, 2017

Just in time for national Computer Science Education Week, Colorado Succeeds has joined with partners to announce a major effort to expand STEM education in Colorado. They plan to drive this focus by aligning the state education system to demands of the workforce, expanding high-quality STEM education for all students (especially  those underrepresented in STEM fields), and creating more opportunities for students to gain STEM skills.

Building on the progress of Colorado STEM, a public-private partnership founded in 2014, Colorado Succeeds will host this coalition’s work and expand efforts through STEM Champions–companies and leaders who are committed to helping spread STEM education across the state.

Scott Laband, president of Colorado Succeeds, noted, “The economy and the labor market will continue evolving in ways we can’t fully predict. We need to help students build essential skills and competencies.”

In addition to this partnership, Colorado Succeeds is reminding schools that funding is available through the Incentives for Industry Credentials Program they passed in 2016, which provides additional funding for each student who completes a credential, internship, or AP computer science class. They’ve also created one-page guides for businesses and schools who want to form work-based learning opportunities. Finally, they’re supporting individual students pursuing STEM through computer science scholarships.

To connect with Colorado Succeeds or other Network advocates working on STEM, reach out.

Laura Mann

Laura is PIE Network's Senior Director, Communications, Standards, and Accountability

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