TeachOregon Partnerships Strengthen Teacher Training
June 16, 2017

Results from a three-year pilot to improve teacher preparation in the Beaver State show promising gains for programs and the teachers they train. By bringing together teacher education programs, districts and schools, and current and aspiring educators, TeachOregon helped align efforts and improve results for the next generation of teachers in the state.

TeachOregon, which was launched with support from Network member Chalkboard Project and the state’s Network for Quality Teacher and Learning, helped to develop a clearer career pathway for teachers, from aspiring teachers in middle school to teacher education programs to new-teacher mentoring and induction. The pilot included five regional teams of school districts, community colleges, and universities, and sought to make teacher prep a more efficient, rigorous, and equitable system for aspiring educators.

And according to a new evaluation, participants agreed the initiative built “strong and lasting partnerships—ones that did not exist in the past, but will be essential to continue the work of improving teacher preparation programs.” Among other observations, evaluators of TeachOregon found that:

  • The percentage of culturally diverse teacher candidates trained in TeachOregon programs has increased.
  • There remains some concern about the amount of time teacher candidates needed to put together the materials for the edTPA (a performance-based, subject-specific assessment now used by over 700 prep programs in 40 states and D.C.).
  • Graduates from TeachOregon universities have higher retention rates than graduates of universities who did not participate in in the pilot.

The report also lists recommendations for future work, including how to sustain partnerships, increase transparency and accountability for prep programs, and strengthen grow-your-own programs. Read more about what Chalkboard Project learned here, and let us know if you’d like to connect with the team in Oregon.

Eric Eagon

Eric is PIE Network's Senior Director, Educator Voice and Policy

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