Three Ways to Use the MAP
November 14, 2017

Looking for details about successful legislation in a neighboring state? Planning a strategic campaign to rally public opinion on a controversial issue? The PIE Network MAP can help connect you with other advocates and resources that can expedite your work.

Every year, PIE Network members invest their time and insight into the Member Advocacy and Policy (MAP) Survey. The MAP survey collects key wins, candid reflections, campaign resources, bill language, and contact information from members across the Network.

It features information from more than 800 initiatives, dating back to 2011, and includes collateral from hundreds of member campaigns.

Look Directly at a State

If you’re interested in work from a specific state, click directly on the state on the MAP. A popup box will appear with all initiatives and legislation from the most recent year. Each title is hyperlinked to additional details.

Sort for Specific Results

You can also sort via year, status (passed, pending, or successful), state member or policy tag (or topic).

Scan for Others Who Worked on a Particular Issue

This MAP Survey brief list member organizations that worked on a particular issue. Scan these lists for other members that could share insight on their work.

What You’ll Find on Each Initiative

Regardless of how you search, you can dig in to specific legislative work or campaigns. Click on the work you’re interested in.

You’ll find a description of the policy, a list of coalition partners, key lessons learned, bill/policy references, resources, and contact information for that member.

Have questions about the how to use the MAP or the information displayed? Email Lukas.


    Lukas Boehning

    Lukas is PIE Network's Manager, Policy and Research

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