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State-based education advocacy organizations and their leaders are often rich in passion and knowledge, yet strapped for time and resources. When these organizations join the PIE Network, they’re more connected, and they’re more powerful. As organizations strengthen, the movement accelerates. And kids get the education they deserve.

PIE Network Membership

Improving K-12 education is critically important and uniquely challenging work. These painstaking efforts are led by state-based advocacy organizations and their leaders—rich in passion and knowledge, and strapped for time and resources. When these organizations join PIE Network, they’re connected and they become more powerful. Stronger, smarter, and more efficient. Organizations strengthen. The movement accelerates. So that the greatest impact can be realized, and all children can get the education they deserve.

PIE Network members are nonpartisan in ideas and bipartisan in approach, providing a consistent, evidence-based, and credible public voice in the process of education policymaking. While members of the PIE Network may not always agree on issues unique to their states, they share a common commitment to core policy commitments and values.

We agree with many people about the power of public education.

  • Education is transformative
    We believe in the power of public education. We know it’s transformative and affects the trajectory of every child’s life.
  • Schools are the bedrock of communities
    We believe strong public schools matter. They are the bedrock of vibrant communities. They are essential to a prosperous economy. They attract business.
  • Education is the key to a prosperous economy
    We believe in equitable taxpayer support for public education that provides additional investments for students with unique needs.

What sets us apart are the ways we believe schools can and must improve.

  • Kids need champions
    We believe all kids need champions who work to ensure they get the education they deserve, especially the most underserved students.
  • Kids rise to the expectations we hold for them
    We believe kids rise to the level of expectations adults hold for them, so we set high standards for all kids.
  • Effective educators make a difference
    We believe in the incredible impact of effective educators and we won’t rest until all kids have high quality teachers in their classrooms and leaders for their schools.
  • Evidence is necessary for improvement
    We believe it’s reasonable to expect continuous improvement in education and that it’s responsible to ask for measurable evidence of performance and for swift action when it’s not delivered.
  • Families need options
    We believe families need options so they can find schools that work best for the unique needs of their kids.

Benefits of Membership

1. You’ll be connected.

Membership in the Network connects you to a world outside your own.

Fellow members are working on what you’re working on. They’ve been through what you’re going through. They understand the challenges of your unique role in a way no one else can. Your work is seen and validated. You’ll be less isolated. You’ll get needed perspective.

2. You’ll think bigger.

Membership in the Network shifts your thinking and expands your mind.

The Network brings together the people you need to know. A nonpartisan group with diverse perspectives, members come at the same issue from different angles, in an environment that supports risk tasking and challenging conversation. Members value success and failure equally, so you’ll learn from their mistakes and their wins. These are some of the most productive, high-value relationships you’ll ever have.

This broader context keeps you in the know about what’s going on across the county. You’re more informed. You’ll know how your state’s efforts stack up. With new leverage and pressure points, you’ll be more savvy and influential back home.

3. You’ll work smarter.

Membership in the Network makes everyone smarter and more efficient. Members share their best work, sharpest tools, and strongest ideas, helping each other save money, time, and resources. You won’t have to reinvent the wheel. You’ll actually improve the wheel.

The Network is also a great sounding board, truth teller, and reality check. Your advocacy work will have greater impact in the real world—not just the white paper, wonky, think tank-y world.

To operate well—more efficiently and effectively—is to move your agenda forward. You’ll be more successful and have greater impact. Belonging to the Network helps all members deliver on their mission.

4. You’ll give back.

Membership in the Network provides you with opportunities to lead—to give as well as get. It’s a two way street. While you’re learning you’re also teaching.

You are a treasure trove of information. There is always someone in the Network who needs what you know. Who can benefit from your experience and unique point of view. When you share your wisdom and help other members, you develop as a leader while the Network strengthens.

Membership gives you the opportunity to contribute to the movement in ways that are even bigger than your own mission.

Costs and Requirements

There are no monetary dues to join PIE Network. There are, however, two significant organizational commitments:

Participation of lead executive:

Connections and meetings are of the strongest quality when participants are present and active contributors. This is best demonstrated through the lead executive of an organization prioritizing in-person participation at a PIE Network event every year. The lead executive of the organization should be committed enough to membership to prioritize attending at least one event per year (including the spring executive’s meeting, the fall summit, or other Network working meeting). Engagement is reviewed annually and nonparticipating organizations risk losing membership.

Participation in two annual survey requests:

In general, we carefully guard how often we tap members with information requests such as Network-wide surveys. However, we deeply value the “give back” component of Network membership, as an opportunity for every member to be a learner and a teacher. Member organizations commit to participating in a survey of legislative and policy work in a given year (conducted annually in the summer) as well as in a brief survey of upcoming policy priorities (conducted annually in the winter). These surveys help connect members with others working on similar issues and elevate issues of collective priority to drive toward solutions and supports.

The membership process initiates every year in late spring. Please contact Sarah , PIE Network Deputy Executive Director for Program Strategy, with questions on membership.