Equal Funding for Charter Schools

Policy Description

ReadyCO worked with a broad bipartisan coalition to secure equalized local funding for charter school students. It was the result of a multi-year effort that utilized strong communications and powerful political influence. The bill will likely have long-reaching ripple effects on school finance in Colorado.

Policy / Coalition Partners

DFER, Colorado Succeeds, CO League of Charter Schools, Stand for Children CO, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

Key Lessons Learned

The key was teamwork from a diverse coalition that could access every lever of power in the Capitol. The coalition was also very disciplined in messaging. Members decided on key messages, tested them with voters, and stuck to them.

One successful strategy was an aggressive digital campaign in a suburban Republican’s district. The campaign used a very pointed, simple message and the coalition was ultimately successful in flipping a vote.

Bill / Policy Reference



Denver Post Op-Ed


Luke Ragland, President