The PIE Network’s mission is to connect state-level education advocacy organizations with colleagues across the country to amplify their voices and maximize their impact.

The Class Of 2019: Introducing the Network’s Newest Members (Part One)

The Network’s newest members include a range of single-state advocacy organizations, state charter associations, and organizations supported by national networks like Teach Plus and Educators for Excellence. We’re

Low-Hanging Fruit: How Automatic Enrollment in Advanced Coursework is Leveling the Playing Field

Advocating for policy changes to improve education is challenging work. Whether it’s due to political whims, funding barriers, or implementation roadblocks, many policy ideas—even those borne of the very best inten

PIE Network Leadership Institute: Fifth Cohort

  The PIE Network is excited to introduce the fifth cohort of the Leadership Institute. Programming will begin in July 2019. Interested in joining the next cohort? We look forward to launching the next application period sometime in 2020.

Appreciating the Value of Teacher-Led Advocacy

Photo Courtesy of Allison Shelley/The Verbatim Agency for American Education By Kari Patrick, High School English Teacher and Senior Advisor of Teacher Outreach & Innovation, Collaborative for Student Success
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91 Advocacy Organizations & 24 National Partners in 33 States & D.C.

PIE Network connects more than 90 education reform organizations and 24 national policy partners in 33 states and Washington, D.C. Together, Network members are connected, think bigger, work smarter, and give back—all in the service of improving education for every student.

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PIE Network gathers and shares resources and updates from and for education reform leaders, with a focus on the issues that, each year, Network members identify as being most pressing.

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Events across the Network, whether in-person or virtual, offer advocates opportunities to trade resources and know-how, sharpen strategy, deepen craft, restore, and refuel.

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