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August 22, 2019

Policy Spotlight: Encouraging Equity Focus in School Board Elections

The Education Trust–New York launched ‘For the Students’ to increase public awareness and engagement about key education equity issues in New York. One of the most significant components of the project was an innovative partnership with the Democrat and Chronicle in Rochester. Ed Trust–NY collaborated with the media outlet to produce a special section that ran in the Sunday newspaper prior to the election (115,000 circulation). An additional 5,000 copies were distributed to faith communities and community organizations.

Ed Trust–NY and the D&C also collaborated to produce videos elevating parent voices on critical issues. Ed Trust–NY navigated the challenge of forging a rare type of partnership and striking a balance between collaborating with the media outlet while maintaining a respect for editorial boundaries. The partnership is significant because it serves as a model for organizations across the country interested in amplifying their work and improving coverage through this type of unique partnership.

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    Christina Dobratz

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