2020 Member Priorities: Responsive Systems
January 20, 2020

Early Learning

Network members come together around their commitment to four specific policy ideas: high expectations, great educators, innovative options, and responsive systems. The details below reflect members work on responsive systems. Read on for examples of how members are promoting dynamic policies, pathways, leaders, and funding systems that are intentionally designed to best address and adapt to the unique needs of every student. Click here to explore the full 2020 Network Member Priorities overview.

Additional work in this policy pillar is represented under College and Career Pathways, Education Funding, Governance, and Other Policies.

How many Network members are prioritizing early learning?

Similar to previous years, nine Network members in nine states planning to prioritize this policy area in 2020. Four members are specifically prioritizing pre-K quality and access.

What early learning initiatives are members prioritizing?

Below, you’ll see lists of member organizations who plan to work on similar early learning policies. If you’re interested in connecting with any of the organizations listed below, reach out for an introduction.

Pre-K Access

Other Early Learning Policies

  • Arizona | Expect More Arizona: Advance quality early learning and early literacy in alignment with the Education Progress Meter
  • Colorado | Teach Plus Colorado: Early childhood education
  • Kansas/Missouri | Aligned: Reform Coordinating Board for Early Education changing the board structure, composition and requirements
  • Louisiana | Stand for Children Louisiana: Continue to support efforts to secure more dollars for early childhood education
  • Massachusetts | Teach Plus Massachusetts: Advocate for access to high quality early education and care in Massachusetts
  • Washington | League of Education Voters: High quality early childhood education for every early learner

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