2020 Member Priorities: Responsive Systems
January 20, 2020

Education Funding

Network members come together around their commitment to four specific policy ideas: high expectations, great educators, innovative options, and responsive systems. The details below reflect members work on responsive systems. Read on for examples of how members are  promoting dynamic policies, pathways, leaders, and funding systems that are intentionally designed to best address and adapt to the unique needs of every student. Click here to explore the full 2020 Network Member Priorities overview. 

Additional work in this policy pillar is represented under College and Career Pathways, Early Learning, Governance, and Other Policies

How many Network members are prioritizing education funding issues?

Network leaders continue to pursue improvements to education funding systems, with 28 members in 15 states naming this as a priority for 2020. Most Network member work in this area focuses on funding formulas, followed closely by efforts to increase funding for specific investments and work to improve fiscal transparency. 

What education funding initiatives are members prioritizing?

Below, you’ll see lists of member organizations who plan to work on similar education funding policies. Click on one of the orange bullets below to jump directly to that topic. If you’re interested in connecting with any of the organizations listed below, reach out for an introduction.

Fiscal Transparency

Funding Formulas

  • Colorado | Ready Colorado: Push for school finance changes
  • Colorado | Stand for Children Colorado: Advance a more equitable school finance formula
  • Delaware | DelawareCAN: Create and equitable, transparent, and flexible student-based funding formula  
  • Delaware | Rodel Foundation of Delaware: Support statewide coalition in major overhaul of state funding
  • Massachusetts | Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education: Monitoring implementation of landmark K-12 funding reform with a focus on protecting its accountability measures and monitoring and reporting on progress in closing achievement gaps
  • Massachusetts | Massachusetts Parents United: Holding districts and schools accountable for implementation of the Student Opportunity Act
  • Massachusetts | Massachusetts Parents United: Training parents on advocating for their children, so that they receive the benefits promised in the Student Opportunity Act
  • Ohio | Thomas B. Fordham Institute-Ohio: Influence efforts to reform school funding system to ensure it’s student focused
  • Texas | Educate Texas: Monitor and aid with HB 3 implementation, particularly as it relates to CCRM, effective teaching (pipeline/retention/compensation), and some early learning (via TEGAC)
  • Washington | Black Education Strategy Roundtable: Monitor for any school funding changes/adjustments to McCleary lawsuit

Increased/Equitable Funding

Performance-Based Funding

  • Illinois | Stand for Children Illinois: Increase the level and quality of evidence-based funding as a key strategy for advancing education equity
  • Texas | Texas Aspires: Defending improvements to school finance, focused on teacher merit pay, outcomes based funding, early literacy

Student-Based Budgeting

  • Colorado | A+ Colorado: Support state investment targeted to students and schools that need it most
  • Washington | League of Education Voters: Equitable levy and local effort assistance structures targeted to student needs

Other Education Funding Policies

  • California | Educators for Excellence-Los Angeles: Protect equitable funding initiatives in Los Angeles
  • California | The Education Trust-West: Support work on bond measures to improve adequacy
  • Massachusetts | Massachusetts Parents United: Provide training for parents around personal financial responsibility as well as financial responsibilities of districts. Working to create “accountability warriors” who are trained to ask informed questions.
  • New Jersey | JerseyCAN: Provide facilities funding for all public schools, including districts, charter schools and renaissance schools
  • New Jersey | JerseyCAN: Maintain stable and equitable funding for all public schools
  • Oregon | Stand for Children Oregon: Support the passage of the Student Success Act technical fix bill
  • Washington, D.C. | Democrats for Education Reform District of Columbia: Increase funding for students who are at-risk of academic failure

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