6 Resources in 6 Minutes or Less: Funding Equity, School Boards & More
May 4, 2018

Advance Illinois’ new Equity Dashboard offers a deep dive into data concerning Illinois’ new school funding formula. Users can explore districts’ current levels of funding, as well as the initial impact of new funding allocated in early April. The tool also allows comparison of a district’s demographics and local resources with state averages. Explore the full dashboard here.

DelawareCAN recently launched a campaign to raise awareness about school boards, including an upcoming election and candidates across the state. “Who Runs Our Schools” features candidate profiles, information on planning your vote, a breakdown of school board member data and voter turnout, and updates on election news. Explore the site here.

A+ Colorado’s latest report highlights Colorado’s “outliers”: school districts that “buck the trend either by getting notable results for students compared to other school systems in the state, or where the promise of an excellent education remains too distant.” According to A+ Colorado, the report is intended to spark conversations and further investigation of the drivers for success in different school communities. Click here to find the full report, including state and district policy recommendations.

Florida’s Education Report Card, recently released by the Foundation for Florida’s Future, grades Florida legislators on their efforts to improve student learning and access to a quality education in the Sunshine State. This year’s grades are based on voting records and leadership in regards to several key education bills. Find more information on Report Card here.

League of Education Voters recently summarized the findings of two surveys that sought policy insights from Washington principals and superintendents. Each survey gathered valuable feedback on the current and emergent issues that Washington’s K-12 schools are facing. Learn more about the insights from principals and superintendents here and here.

A new video and accompanying resources from BEST NC help to break down the difference between growth and achievement measures, including their important role in keeping students on track for college and career opportunities, and identifying best practices and excellent educators. Watch the video here.


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