A+ Colorado Joins Forces with Denver Teachers Association to Support Superintendent Search
August 10, 2018

While they admit they aren’t always aligned on every issue, two Colorado groups are coming together to keep positive momentum building for Denver Public Schools as they begin the search for a new superintendent.

In a joint statement in early August, PIE Network member A+ Colorado and the Denver Classroom Teachers Association encouraged what they call “responsible discourse in this incredibly important moment.”

“We ask that all organizations and individuals commit to a responsible public dialogue… We can put students first by modeling a conversation for the future of our kids that we can be proud of: a search for an amazing leader that can bring our community together, not tear it apart.”

According to a recent Chalkbeat article, Van Schoales, executive director at A+ Colorado, said the statement was designed to catch people’s attention and prompt thought-provoking conversation. Schoales also recently shared his reflections on how outgoing superintendent, Tom Boasberg, has reshaped Denver Public Schools over the past decade.

Earlier this month the district laid out a short timeline to select the district’s next superintendent.

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Ashley Schmidt

Ashley is PIE Network's Senior Director of Member Engagement & Communications

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