Advocates Break Down the Complexities of Funding Formulas: Example Resources
November 15, 2019

In 2019, about one-third of PIE Network members prioritized work on education funding issues in their states.

Changing education funding systems is complex work, encouraging many advocates to develop resources that can address common questions.

As multiple states consider pursuing funding policy changes in the year ahead, several PIE Network members have recently shared funding formula explainers that are designed to provide helpful context for stakeholders. The following resources from Arizona, Delaware, and Kentucky could help inform important conversations about education funding policy.


The Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence recently updated a resource that explains the main source of K-12 education funding for Kentucky students, the Support Education Excellence in Kentucky (SEEK) formula. Click here to learn more about the four main steps of the formula, as well as key concerns about how the formula has worked in recent years.


In a recent blog post, Stand for Children Arizona explains that, although Arizona is among the 43 states that provides an extra funding weight for at-risk students, “schools only receive additional funding if the school scores high enough on the state assessment.” In the post, Stand Arizona government affairs director Stacey Morley explains the differences between the two main weight systems that other states use: flat weights and multiple weights. 


The Rodel Foundation of Delaware recently shared a primer on Opportunity Funding, the state’s new three-year, $60 million investment of targeted resources toward Delaware’s most disadvantaged students. Rodel’s post explains how the per-pupil “weighted funding” mechanism will operate, where it will direct extra funding, and the next steps in the process. Read more here from Neil Kirschling, Rodel’s director of policy and advocacy.

Are other resources explaining funding formulas on your radar? Please reach out to add additional examples to this list.

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