Advocates Push for Special Education Reforms in Washington
March 22, 2019

Despite lagging behind their peers in most academic measures, students with disabilities are frequently still not provided with the funding, programs, and supports necessary for success.

In Washington state, the Investing in Student Potential coalition is pushing for the legislature to improve special education in the state. PIE Network member League of Education Voters (LEV) is on the coalition’s steering committee and the Black Education Strategy Roundtable is a coalition member. LEV recently called for fixes to special education in the Seattle Times as part of the coalition, and on Tuesday March 26, they are hosting a webinar on how special education is impacted in rural and urban environments.

The coalition’s advocacy is seeing some success: in mid-March, the state Senate unaminously passed two bills that would improve funding, accountability, and programs for special-education services in Washington. Now, reforms to special education will be taken up in the House, and the coalition is working on amendments to make the legislation even better. The coalition is hosting an advocacy day on April 1 for community members to express their support and help take these changes across the finish line.

To learn more about League of Education Voters’ work on special education, take a look at their Legislative Priority Issue Brief, and reach out if you’d like to connect directly. You can view more about the coalition’s work on their website,

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