Advocates Share Perspectives & Resources During Charter Schools Week
May 17, 2019

“Our 3.2 million students, 219,000 teachers, and countless champions and supporters should be proud of what they’re accomplishing.”

In a blog post to kick off 2019’s National Charter Schools Week, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools president and CEO Nina Rees shared examples of why this week is a great opportunity to “shout [charter school success] stories from the rooftops.”

Across the Network, advocates participated in #CharterSchoolsWeek with a variety of events, fact-sharing, celebration of key successes, and more.

Network partner Democrats for Education Reform released the second edition of their Democratic Guide to Public Charter Schools throughout the week, including the following tools for advocates:

  • New public opinion research on Democratic support for public charter schools, demonstrating strong support among Black and Hispanic voters.
  • An analysis of how Democratic leaders have played instrumental roles in creating, funding, and advocating for public charter schools.
  • An overview of key research into charter school outcomes.

Explore all five parts of the Democratic Guide to Public Charter Schools here. Interested in connecting with other advocates working to expand and improve charter school opportunities this week and every week? Reach out.

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Christina Dobratz

Christina is PIE Network's Manager, Communications & Policy  

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