Alabama Seeks to Broaden Computer Science Education Opportunities
April 5, 2018

Though Alabama was previously one of the worst-ranked states in computer science education offerings per capita, the state has since risen to a #2 nationwide ranking. Recently, the state’s first-ever Computer Science Education Summit brought together educators, advocates, policymakers, industry representatives, and other stakeholders to discuss further broadening computer science education opportunities in Alabama.

A+ College Ready, a program of A+ Education Partnership, partnered with the Alabama Governor’s office and the Governor’s Computer Science Task Force to host the event, which featured speakers including founder Hadi Partovi.

As a regional partner of, A+ College Ready helps provide training and resources for Alabama teachers on how to incorporate the CSE standards and best practices into the classrooms. Alabama had 86 teachers prepared to teach AP Computer Science Principles in its inaugural school year, 2016-17, and increased that number to 111 for 2017-18.

During the Summit, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey discussed her goal for every Alabama high school to offer computer science classes by 2022. Additionally, Alabama recently became one of 15 states to have officially adopted Digital Literacy and Computer Science Standards as part of their statewide K-12 academic standards.

Find more information about the Computer Science Education Summit here, and reach out to connect with other advocates interested in computer science education.

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Christina Dobratz

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