Better Together: Network Coalitions Playbook
May 19, 2017

Over the last few years, you have prioritized coalitions as an important topic of conversation across the Network, and we’ve been taking notes on numerous experiences working in coalition to achieve wins for students.

Earlier this year we asked for input and more than twenty organizations from eight states volunteered their advice to inform a formal playbook. We hope this tool serves as a reference and a guide to continue to strengthen partnerships, navigate challenging circumstances, or explain your investment in coalitions to funders.


Additional highlights from this playbook are available in a two-part blog series, the first of which you can read here.

We know this conversation will continue and look forward to featuring additional experiences in future PIE Network resources and events.  Working in an enduring coalition in your state? Share your insights.

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Ashley Schmidt

Ashley is PIE Network's Senior Director of Member Engagement & Communications

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