Building School Culture Through Retention, Compensation & Recruitment
February 22, 2019

The School Culture Toolkit: Practical Resources for School and Network Leaders,  published by The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools and curated by TNTP, aims to support network and charter leaders by addressing some of the sector’s challenges and critiques around recruitment and retention. The toolkit makes a strong case for school culture and is an easy-to-navigate and ready-to-use manual for leaders with little time to spare.

The toolkit provides ready to download resources, examples of success, and learnings from various charter organizations across the country, covering topics including:

  • school culture views,
  • retaining great teachers,
  • compensation and career pathways, and
  • and hiring top talent.

As many advocates and policymakers are deep in heated discussions on educator compensation, the toolkit focuses on career advancement and compensation successes like this one taken from Mastery Charter schools Performance Based Advancement System model.

Interested in learning more about the strategy behind the toolkit, or connecting with schools featured? Reach out.


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Evy Valencia Jackson

Evy is a consultant for the PIE Network and a National Fellow at 50CAN.

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