California Advocates Seek Educational Equity Via New Data System
May 17, 2019

Advocates in California have long been pushing for access to quality, disaggregated data that answers questions about how the state’s schools are serving today’s Californians. Recognizing this need, California Governor Gavin Newsom and two state legislators have proposed policies to create a new state longitudinal data system (SLDS) that can be used to advance racial and socioeconomic equity in the state.

In response to the proposed legislation, The Education Trust-West released a new policy brief that urges policymakers to make equity the foundation of the proposed data system. The brief advocates for the approval of a fully-funded SLDS that incorporates the following foundational equity principles:

  • Engage students and families.
  • Count all students and disaggregate data.
  • Protect student privacy, especially for most vulnerable students and families.
  • Produce accessible, public-facing results and tools.
  • Be used to inform systemic, asset & equity-oriented change.

Using these five principles as measurements, the brief also provides a unique equity assessment for each SLDS proposal, which could be useful for advocates seeing and evaluating similar policies in their state.

As part of their work on equity in education, EdTrust-West presented the brief at this year’s Education Equity Advocacy Day in Sacramento, which included stakeholders from around the state promoting the importance of a new data system. EdTrust-West also reported on other pressing policy priorities for education equity in a report last fall.

For advocates wanting to connect with the Education Trust-West and learn more about these issues, please reach out.

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