CAP Releases 10 Policy Ideas to Support Early Learning
March 30, 2018

Due to the critical role states play in expanding access to high-quality early childhood programs, advocates across the Network are working to support the success of their state’s youngest learners. Using tactics such as surveys, events, and briefings, advocates are raising awareness for the importance of early learning, while simultaneously calling for high quality options for young children and their families.

To help support these initiatives, the Center for American Progress (CAP) released a new report that details 10 policy ideas for state-based leaders and advocates:

  • Ensure no family pays more than seven percent of their income for high-quality child care.
  • Make full-day, high quality preschool available to all 3 and 4-year-olds.
  • Value early educators by paying them a living wage.
  • Support early educators’ access to higher education and early childhood credentials.
  • Give parents more child care options by reducing child care deserts.
  • Use the tax system to increase access to high-quality early childhood programs.
  • End suspensions and expulsions in preschool.
  • Address the school readiness gap by investing in the Early Head Start program.
  • Invest in voluntary home visiting programs so that new parents and their children have the best possible start.
  • Improve supports for parents of children with disabilities and developmental delays.

To support these ideas, the report also provides several financing opportunities that could increase investments in the early learning sector. These ideas can provide a roadmap for advocates looking to take action to support families in 2018 and beyond.

Network members can use the PIE Network Priorities Survey results to further explore how advocates are prioritizing early learning in 2018.

Chris Nikolic

Chris is PIE Network's Associate, Research and Advancement

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