CEAM Supports School Choice In Missouri
February 8, 2019

As the Missouri legislature considers legislation to create the first Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESA) Program and expand access to charter schools in the state, Network member Children’s Education Alliance for Missouri (CEAM) is galvanizing support in the community.

CEAM has continuously provided informationincluding graphics and videos on how an ESA could work, tracking of ESA legislation, and examples of how ESAs are doing in other states, to help parents and community leaders fully understand how ESAs could be beneficial in the state.

During National School Choice Week, CEAM organized a policy panel, which brought in leading school choice advocates from the state to discuss school choice in the state and promote their later rally at the capitol. That rally was also a huge success as more than 700 people attended.

This work in the community is helping school choice legislation move. On the heels of the rally, CEAM coordinated support for ESAs as SB 160, which would create an Empowerment Scholarship Account, was in committee. Parents, school leaders, and experts testified in favor of the bill and since then, the bill was voted out of committee. On the charter front, CEAM helped organized advocates to voice their support for HB581, which would increase accountability for charter schools, allow charter schools to open in almost every metropolitan area in the state, and make it easier for charter schools to find buildings to operate in.

To learn more about CEAM’s work around ESAs and charter school expansion or to connect with them directly, reach out.

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