Despite Court Ruling, Connecticut Funding Reform Efforts Continue
January 26, 2018

The Connecticut State Supreme Court recently ruled that although the state’s education system is underperforming, it passes the constitutionally-required threshold for a minimally adequate education. This ruling overturned a 2016 lower court opinion heralded as a win for kids, in which the judge ruled the state must improve school funding to be more equitable and transparent.

Despite this setback, PIE Network member ConnCAN stated the onus is still on the legislature to fix how schools are funded: “Today’s ruling from the State Supreme Court in no way absolves the state from fixing the persistent and alarming problems in our education system that Judge Moukawsher cited in his ruling.”

Similarly, Educators for Excellence-Connecticut called the decision devastating, but vowed to continue to work with legislators and educators to reform Connecticut’s funding system. “In the coming months, members will connect with legislators, district decision-makers and their colleagues to provide them an on-the-ground perspective of the barriers that prevent students of color and children experiencing poverty from receiving a quality education.”

A 2016 public opinion poll found that a majority of Connecticut voters supported Judge Moukawsher’s call for a rational education funding formula for the state’s public school system. Learn more about Connecticut advocates’ efforts to redesign the formula here and here.

To connect with other advocates working on education funding or pursuing legal strategies, please reach out.


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