DQC Details Student Growth Measures Under ESSA
January 24, 2019

In a new resource, the Data Quality Campaign explores the different ways that states have committed to measuring student growth under ESSA.

Every state except two—California and Kansas—has committed to including student growth in their accountability systems, but according to the DQC brief:

The growth measures states have chosen for their accountability systems are not created equal.

Because states have selected a variety of different indicators for growth, along with different methods for calculating and interpreting data, “every state’s approach to measuring student growth for accountability is ultimately different.” To assist with encouraging stakeholders to understand their state’s growth measure and data, DQC provides:

  • A summary of different types of measures of student growth, how each type is calculated, and their implications for accountability
  • An overview of each state’s choices for growth measures, broken down by school level
  • Tips for state policymakers and advocates to communicate about growth measures and help ensure effective implementation.

Explore the full resource here. Interested in connecting with other advocates engaging in accountability systems work? Reach out.

Christina Dobratz

Christina is PIE Network's Manager, Communications & Policy  

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