E4E-Los Angeles: Recommendations for Collective School Leadership
June 13, 2018

Strong school leadership and excellent principals can make a difference in students’ lives. Similarly, many teachers recognize their own leadership potential and want to engage in opportunities to support student success. Educators for Excellence-Los Angeles teachers have identified a growing need to improve schools’ approaches to leadership, and last month they released Rising Tide: Collective School Leadership to Lift All Schools, to show how collaborative school leadership can positively impact schools and students.

According to the report, the needs of schools are changing and many policy decisions address that. Yet, the school leadership model has remained relatively fixed. In an effort to more deeply engage teachers in school leadership, this report suggests that increased teacher leadership opportunities involving socio-emotional support, instructional support, and family engagement may lead to improved student support.

“School leaders should work together with teachers in a distributed leadership model to make the changes that will allow students to thrive.”

The report authors also outline three key recommendations and actionable steps to directly engage teachers in school leadership:

  1. Invest in restorative justice and socio-emotional learning practices in order for students to feel safe and welcomed on campus.
  2. Ensure equitable access to high-quality instructional coaches in order for students to feel challenged and supported in the classroom.
  3. Increase family and community engagement opportunities in order for students to receive support and resources at home.

For advocates interested in actionable ways to rethink school leadership, increase teacher leadership opportunities, and bridge the gap between policy and practice, these recommendations may be a useful starting place. If you would like to connect with E4E-Los Angeles, please reach out.


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Katherine Raths

Katherine is a summer fellow at PIE Network

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