Q&A: 2018 Eddies! Awards Process
July 5, 2018

The Eddies!—one part roast, one part toast—is an Oscar-style celebration of advocacy gains made on behalf of students, recognizing progress, honoring difficult work, and, through a night of hearty laughter, recharging spirits and commitment.

Why were the Eddies! created?

Great advocates know that they don’t take credit for policy decisions—that belongs to policy makers. At the same time, advocacy is tough work, and investments that yield outsized impact are worth spotlighting. Historically, the Eddies! nominating and voting process as well as the ceremony itself have been a compelling way to spread stories of impact across the Network. The process provides advocates an opportunity to learn about what’s working in other places and who to call for insight and lessons learned.

Who can make a nomination?

Network members and partners, as well as organizations or individuals that previously attended a PIE Network Summit can make nominations. If you’re interested in making nominations but aren’t sure if you’re eligible, email ashley@pie-network.org.

Who is eligible for nomination?

PIE Network members and partners are eligible to be nominated, as well as thought-leaders and friends in the sector whose work contributed significantly to a key advocacy campaign. For example, before TNTP was an official partner, they won the Network’s first Actionable Research winner because so many Network members used “The Widget Effect.” Additionally, Students Matter won the Game Changers Eddie! alongside two Network members for their work on Vergara v. California.

To ensure the scope of great advocacy work across the country is highlighted, organizations or individuals cannot win in the same category two years in a row.

What are the award categories?

Work is celebrated in five categories.

  • Most Actionable Research: An important resource or tool that was broadly leveraged across the Network and helped advocates make a compelling case for policy change.
  • Best Kept Secret: A big advance in policy (or defense of) that didn’t get big press.
  • Best Ensemble Cast: A coalition artfully organized to respond to particular opportunities or challenges in their states that contributed to a policy win and is worthy of replication.
  • Game Changer of the Year:A PIE Network member or partner state advocacy campaign that led to a truly game changing policy change or protected a critical existing policy.
  • Network MVP:  A team member of a PIE Network state-based member organization who has gone above and beyond to support advocates across state lines, OR a team member of a PIE Network national partner who has been exceptionally helpful to state-based advocates above and beyond that of their job description to move an issue forward.

Can a single nomination be eligible for multiple categories?

No. A single nomination can only be eligible for one category. Based on the volume of submissions and criteria, the selection committee may classify your nomination in a different category. We will notify the nominator of any changes.

Will what I submit in the nomination form be public?

The PIE Network team will use language from each nomination form to create a public profile of the nominee that will be shared on our website and at Summit. All nominees will have the opportunity approve final language in their profile prior to publishing.   

How will the winners be selected?

The original approach to the Eddies! was modeled heavily on the Oscars, including a member-driven voting process. As the Network has grown, we increasingly hear that it is challenging to digest the scope—and vote on—work happening across the country. Therefore, while members still drive the nomination process, a selection committee made up of approximately a dozen state advocates and national partners will select the winner of each award, with the exception of MVP.

As we organize the 2018 selection committee, we will be mindful to ensure broad representation across the ideological spectrum, types of organization (civic led, business backed, and community based) and a combination of single-state and national organizations.

Who is on the selection committee?

The roster of committee members will be released later this summer.

Who will select the Network MVP?

Because the MVP award is honoring an individual who has been broadly helpful, members, partners, and Network friends will live-vote for the Network MVP during the 2018 Summit. Additional details on live-voting will be shared at Summit.

When will the winner of each Eddie! be announced?

Winners will be announced on Thursday, October, 4 in New Orleans. Nominees don’t need to be present to win, but it’s sure nice to be applauded!

Can the PIE Network staff nominate or vote?

PIE Network will not make nominations, receive awards, or vote. We do look forward to reading all the nominations though!

Read more about last year’s Eddie! winners and nominees make a nomination for the 2018 awards here.

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