Exploring the Impact of Teacher Mindsets on Student Performance
June 13, 2019

Students’ feelings of connection to school and positive sense of themselves as learners strongly influences their academic achievement. New research shows that teachers’ perceptions and practices can also profoundly shape students’ motivation to learn.   

“The education sector has largely neglected the teacher side of the social-emotional learning equation.”

A new report from PIE Network partner FutureEd explores the critical importance of “teacher mindsets,” or teachers’ attitudes, beliefs, and practices in fortifying students’ investment in learning. The report profiles several schools at the forefront of this work—schools that have begun to use new findings on teacher mindsets to “shift adult belief and behaviors in ways that strengthen students’ view of themselves as learners and their motivation to learn.”

FutureEd also details several different strategies for schools and districts to use to help teachers create classroom environments that prepare students for success:

  • Build strong teacher-student relationships
  • Help students see themselves as successful learners
  • Build a feeling of belongingness for students
  • Build systems of empathic discipline

Advocates who want to learn more about the results of the research can find the full report here. Another FutureEd report deeply explores social-emotional learning in California’s CORE districts. If you’d like to connect with advocates at FutureEd, please reach out.

Chris Nikolic

Chris is PIE Network's Associate, Research and Advancement

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