GPEE Highlights Issues to Watch in 2019
January 24, 2019

The Georgia Partnership for Education (GPEE) recently released their 2019 Top Ten Issues to Watch report, offering a robust 80-page deep dive into some of the state’s most pressing education priorities.

In addition to detailing Georgia’s current educational landscape, the 15th edition of the annual report explores topics ranging from early learning to school safety. Each section provides an issue overview, state-specific significance, and recommended action steps for state leaders.

The highly anticipated report was released at GPEE’s annual media symposium, an event that draws reporters from across the Peach State. The report and accompanying symposium provide an opportunity for GPEE to share their focus with media, policymakers, educators, and the broader public. Each Georgia legislator receives a copy at the opening of the legislative session.

Steve Dolinger, the organization’s president, explains in the report, “The Georgia Partnership for Education invites all Georgians—from state leaders to individual parents—to join in continuing our resolution to ensure every child has access to a high-quality education, which allows them to pursue their dreams.”

Here are this year’s Top 10:

  1. New Leadership – Changes at the Capitol
  2. Early Learning – Quality Early Care and Its Economic Impact
  3. Teaching – Elevating the Profession… Now!
  4. School Safety – Much More than Metal Detectors
  5. Funding – Is Fully Funding QBE Enough?
  6. Assessments – Testing the Waters
  7. ESAs/Vouchers – Taking a Hard Look at What’s Next
  8. Summer Start Date – More than Meets the Eye
  9. Dual Enrollment – Growth and Sustainability
  10. Post-Secondary – Costs, Other Barriers Impede Success

One page summaries for each of the 10 issues can also be found here.

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