Helping Stakeholders Navigate New Policies in New Mexico
January 11, 2019

Advocates in New Mexico are working to help stakeholders understand changes announced by new Governor Lujan Grisham. NewMexicoKidsCAN executive director Amanda Aragon put together a video explaining what announcements from the new governor mean for students, parents, and teachers in the Land of Enchantment.

In the video, Aragon notes three important announcements affecting the state’s education system:

  1. Moving away from PARCC assessment
  2. Moving away from current teacher evaluation system
  3. No secretary of education named

Governor Grisham issued executive orders to terminate the use of PARCC as the statewide assessment and to end the use of PARCC in teacher evaluations.

Aragon provided clarity about these changes, noting the challenges of another testing transition for teachers, families, and students, as well as the costs of creating a new exam.

“You deserve to know what’s happening in your child’s classroom, in your own classroom, and if you’re a teacher, you deserve to know what rules you’re going to be operating under for the next foreseeable future,” Aragon said.

Check out the full video online, and stay tuned for updates on how advocates are helping stakeholders navigate changing leadership and policies in 2019.

    Eric Eagon

    Eric is PIE Network's Senior Director, Educator Voice and Policy

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