The Power Of Information: The Importance of Aligned, Accessible, & Actionable Information for Public School Families
September 6, 2019

“While it is often said that parents are children’s first and best advocates, the gap in actionable student-level academic information presents a missed opportunity to use the power of families to improve student learning outcomes.”

A recent report from Parent Revolution elevates concerns from parents in the Los Angeles Unified School District in the hopes it will galvanize district leaders. “Ready or Not: How Los Angeles Families Get Information About Their Children’s Learning and Academic Progress,” was born out of families’ frustration that they didn’t have enough information to know what their child was supposed to learning or if they were on track for future success—and if they weren’t, how they could intervene.

Families in Parent Revolution’s Parent Power Network spent a year investigating how Los Angeles families get their information about academic progress, readiness, and opportunities. Parent Power Network leaders developed specific questions to gather insight and spoke with other families at parent teacher conferences, pulled artifacts from the school, district and state level, searched online resources like the LAUSD Parent Portal, and more to inform their work.

Their report centers on three questions and highlights how parents report getting information in response to these questions at four key levels: classroom, school, district and state. 

  • What should my child be learning?
  • How is my child doing academically
  • What can be done to accelerate their learning?

Read the full report—including four recommendations for district leaders—here. If you’re interested in learning more about how Parent Revolution’s Parent Power Network worked to compile this data, reach out for a connection.

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    Ashley Schmidt

    Ashley is PIE Network's Senior Director of Member Engagement & Communications

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