How Members Are Prioritizing Charters in 2019
December 11, 2018

2019 Outlook

A focus on charter school issues is expanding within the Network. In 2019, 25 PIE Network members, including seven charter school associations, plan to work on various issues to strengthen and expand the sector. Specific issues include equalizing per pupil and facilities funding, expanding access more for students, and defending against attempts by the opposition to roll back past reforms. Click here to explore the full 2019 Network Member Priorities overview.

Key Takeaways

  • The biggest focus among advocates is more equitable funding, both through per pupil allotments or access to facilities.
  • Many advocates not only want to to expand the sector and create more seats for students, but also strengthen the sector on the whole.
  • Defending against opponents’ attempts to roll back successful reforms is also a primary concern.

State Snapshot

Twenty-eight PIE Network members in 19 states and D.C. are planning to prioritize charter issues in 2019.

Member Engagement

Below, you’ll see lists of member organizations who plan to work on similar charter school policies. If you’re interested in connecting with any of the organizations listed below, ask Eric for an introduction.

Charter School Facilities

  • AR Arkansas Learns: Increase open-enrollment public charter school facilities funding
  • AZ A for Arizona: Address facilities equity
  • CO Colorado League of Charter Schools: Increase charter school facilities funding
  • ID Bluum: Increase and optimize charter school facilities funding
  • NJ JerseyCAN: Secure funding for and/or increase access to facilities for charters from the State of New Jersey
  • OH Thomas B. Fordham Institute-Ohio: Increase operation and facility funding in charter schools
  • TN Campaign for School Equity: Improve access for autonomous schools to charter school facilities with affordable maintenance costs
  • TN Stand for Children Tennessee: Build support for financing of facilities improvement towards deferred maintenance and modernization

  • TN TennesseeCAN: Support past efforts to improve charter school access to quality facilities and facilities funding, by ensuring the administration’s commitment to funding a third year of the Charter School Facilities Grant Program
  • TN Tennessee Charter School Center: Ensure state appropriation for Charter School Facilities Fund and lay groundwork for additional facilities improvements (property taxes, etc.)

Charter Expansion

  • CA GO Public Schools: Advance the successful planning for and implementation of Oakland’s Community of Schools policy, which addresses district-charter equity issues
  • CA Innovate Public Schools: Support fall 2019 opening of two schools founded by our entrepreneurs-in-residence, which were approved by the State Board of Education this year

  • CO Colorado League of Charter Schools: Incentivize proven schools and educators to open new schools and/or expand their best practices into the highest-need communities in the state

  • CO Colorado Succeeds: Promote a new innovation fund to incentivize top schools to replicate

  • MO Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri: Support charter accountability and expansion legislation

  • MS Mississippi First: Lead our New Charter Sector Team in partnership with NAPCS

  • NY New York City Charter School Center: Raise the number of charters allowed for NYC through change in state law
  • OK Oklahoma Achieves: Oppose efforts to restrict charter school expansion

Strengthening the Charter Sector

  • AZ Arizona Charter Schools Association: Develop grassroots support for “Charter Champions”
  • CO Colorado Succeeds: Support legislation and funding for the Colorado Charter School Institute
  • CO Ready Colorado: Create new partnerships with higher education for school governance
  • DC FOCUS: Launch a new communications strategy to improve public opinion about public charter schools
  • FL Foundation for Florida’s Future: Strengthen and expand the process to authorize charter schools
  • ID Bluum: Bring legislation to provide charter schools greater flexibility in administrator hiring
  • LA DFER Louisiana: Continue monitoring policy at BESE and advocating for charter authorizations that advance high-quality public school options
  • MS Mississippi First: Assist the MS Charter School Authorizer Board in developing policies for governing the charter sector
  • TN TennesseeCAN: Amend the charter school default closure law to align with its original intent to close chronically underperforming public charter schools that have at least three full years of operating data
  • TN Tennessee Charter School Center: Improve Tennessee’s default closure law and lay groundwork for authorizer accountability legislation
  • Multiple States Foundation for Excellence in Education: Expand access to and equity for charter schools in more than 20 states; with emphasis on states like AZ, CO, FL, KY, MO, OH, TN

Charter School Finance

  • CO Colorado League of Charter Schools: Advocate for charter equalization funding
  • CO Ready Colorado: Charter school resource equalization
  • ID Bluum: Support efforts to exempt charter schools from local impact fees
  • IN Institute for Quality Education: Provide more equitable funding for charter school students
  • NC NorthCarolinaCAN: Maintain funding for Charter Transportation Grant and increase eligibility for tier 3 counties
  • NJ JerseyCAN: Defend the inclusion of per-pupil hold-harmless language in FY20 annual appropriations budget, which will ensure charters do not receive any decrease in overall funding and receive a steady per-pupil amount for any additional seats brought online
  • OK Oklahoma Achieves: Give charter schools equal access to similar resources as traditional public schools

Actively Defending Charters

  • AZ Arizona Charter Schools Association: Positively influence the political landscape to benefit charter schools and build strong public support
  • CO Ready Colorado: Defend against anti-charter legislation
  • CO Colorado Succeeds: Play defense on charter school victories, including equitable funding legislation from 2017
  • MN EdAllies: Protect the right of families to attend high-quality and culturally relevant charter schools
  • NM NewMexicoKidsCAN: Defend against a charter school moratorium
  • NY New York City Charter School Center: Avoid any charter school poison pill provisions put into state law
  • WA DFER Washington: Protect and increase access to high quality K-12 options including public charter schools

Expertise on this Issue

Advocates from across the Network have offered to thought partner on the following issues within this policy area:

Click here to explore the full 2019 Network Member Priorities overview.

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