How Members Are Prioritizing Educator Policy in 2019
December 11, 2018

2019 Outlook

As teacher shortages, teacher pay, and addressing the whole child continue to gather headlines, Network members will be working to recruit and retain great educators, support strategic compensation and leadership opportunities, and navigate implementation of personalized and social emotional learning in 2019. Click here to explore the full 2019 Network Member Priorities overview.

Key Takeaways

  • An increasing number of members are working on teacher preparation in order to recruit, train, and support a new generation of educators.
  • More than a dozen organizations are planning to support improvements to their states’ compensation and retirement systems for educators.
  • Advocates are launching and expanding opportunities to give educators a voice in policymaking in 2019.

State Snapshot

Thirty-seven PIE Network members in 25 states and D.C. are planning to prioritize educator issues in 2019.

Member Engagement

Below, you’ll see lists of member organizations who plan to work on similar educator policies. If you’re interested in connecting with any of the organizations listed below, ask Eric for an introduction.

Educator Recruitment & Preparation

  • CA Teach Plus California: Support legislation to provide more investment and/or direction for districts to support induction
  • CO Teach Plus Colorado: Teacher preparation
  • CT Educators for Excellence-Connecticut: Culturally responsive teaching
  • HI HawaiiKidsCAN: Introduce legislation to request a report on the progress of Hawaii’s school leader alternative certification initiative
  • IL Teach Plus Illinois: Improve teacher preparation through increased transparency on program outcomes and developing partnerships to improve the pipeline
  • LA DFER Louisiana: Continued implementation of innovative teacher prep policies
  • KY Prichard Committee: Support efforts and policies to better understand gaps in the teacher workforce and innovative ways to fill them
  • KS/MO Aligned: Lead policy changes that would simplify the current process for certifying teachers to teach dual credit courses
  • MN EdAllies: Ensure that policies related to teacher licensure and preparation reflect best practices, are aligned to equity and student achievement, and allow schools and districts to hire the excellent and diverse teachers their students deserve
  • MS Mississippi First: Launch research and engagement activities related to the start of an upcoming teacher pipeline report
  • NC BEST NC: Improve school leader preparation and scale up state-funded programs
  • NC BEST NC: Launch a statewide teacher recruitment campaign called Teach NC
  • NY Educators for Excellence-New York: Create and launch policy recommendations on teacher preparation and professional development
  • OK Oklahoma Achieves: Develop and fund a mechanism to assist educators with loan forgiveness through public-private funding who agree to stay in the profession, with increased funding for teachers who teach in a high-need subject area or school
  • TX Educate Texas: Support legislation to support high standards in educator preparation and effective teaching programs
  • WA DFER Washington: Improve teacher quality and preparation programs

Educator Compensation & Career Ladders

  • AR Arkansas Learns: Removal of compensation restrictions for career education instructors
  • CA The Education Trust-West: Mitigate the effect of rising pension costs
  • GA Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education: Development of quality teaching and leadership plan coupled with a schedule of investments in teaching professionals, to include total compensation structure, tiered certification/career ladders, and professional development
  • IL Advance Illinois: Contribute to pension reform discussions
  • IL Stand for Children Illinois: Enact a cost shift of teacher pension funding as a way to enhance equity within the new school funding formula
  • IN Teach Plus Indiana: Support legislation to increase teacher retention, specifically related to teacher compensation, teacher leadership, and teacher preparation
  • LA DFER Louisiana: Support legislation that will increase teacher pay, particularly in hard to staff subjects/regions, and advancing strong measures of equity in higher education
  • LA Stand for Children Louisiana: Protect and secure Louisiana’s Teacher Pension System
  • LA Stand for Children Louisiana: Support legislative efforts around a teacher pay raise
  • MN Educators for Excellence-Minnesota: District-level work to make access to effective teachers more equitable through hybrid leadership roles and compensation in high-poverty schools
  • NC BEST NC: Expand advanced teaching roles
  • NC BEST NC: Add a measure of school complexity to the principal pay schedule
  • OK Oklahoma Achieves: Fund advancement opportunities for teachers through the newly-created teacher licensure ladder
  • TX Texas Aspires: Legislation that promotes merit based pay increases for teachers

Educator Evaluation & Support

  • AL A+ Education Partnership: Supporting efforts to improve teacher and leader quality
  • CA Teach Plus California: Support legislation to fund a robust teacher data system
  • CO Colorado Succeeds: Play defense on teacher evaluation law
  • CO Teach Plus Colorado: Teacher evaluation
  • CT Educators for Excellence-Connecticut: Teachers as professionals
  • IL Advance Illinois: Put in place effective campaign to elevate and improve teacher and principal quality
  • IL Educators for Excellence-Chicago: Advocate for issue-based advocacy regarding 4 buckets of work pertaining to students, the union, the profession, and schools/the district
  • IN Teach Plus Indiana: Advocate for the implementation of statewide teacher retention data reports
  • MA Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education: Give school leaders and teachers authority and tools so they can meet the needs and aspirations of the students in their building
  • MI The Education Trust-Midwest: Strengthen supports for educators and focus on improving the quality of classroom instruction

Educator Voice

  • CA Educators for Excellence-Los Angeles: Provide training and support for teacher leaders who want to make their union more diverse, democratic, and student-centered
  • CA Educators for Excellence-Los Angeles: Launch a teacher policy team program for teacher leaders interested in leveraging grassroots organizing to champion teacher-generated policy ideas in their union
  • CA Educators for Excellence-Los Angeles: Advocate for the implementation of a recent school board resolution called Close The Gap
  • DC FOCUS: Launch a new grassroots teacher engagement strategy to develop new advocates
  • MA Teach Plus Massachusetts: Engage teachers and inform new Commissioner’s agenda moving forward
  • OR Chalkboard Project: Support legislation to implement Educator Advancement Council
  • TN SCORE: Commit to provide excellent teaching, learning opportunities, and leadership in all Tennessee schools
  • TX Educate Texas: Launch a 21st century teaching and learning council focused on college and career readiness and effective teaching

Educator Diversity

  • CT Educators for Excellence-Connecticut: Teacher diversity
  • IL Teach Plus Illinois: Improve recruitment and retention of teachers of color in Illinois
  • CA Teach Plus California: Work with state and district district leadership to identify strategies for recruiting and retaining teachers of color
  • NJ JerseyCAN: Expand the human capital pipeline for high-quality and diverse teaching candidates
  • NY The Education Trust–New York: Ensure access to well-prepared, well-supported, and diverse educators

Expertise on this Issue

Advocates from across the Network have offered to thought partner on the following issues within this policy area:

Click here to explore the full 2019 Network Member Priorities overview.

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