How Members Are Prioritizing Emerging Issues & More in 2019
December 11, 2018

2019 Outlook

As the PIE Network continues to grow, more members than ever before plan to pursue advocacy & policy efforts across a wider range of issue areas. Click here to explore the full 2019 Network Member Priorities overview.

Key Takeaways

  • Interest in issues that affect school climate and culture continues to expand, particularly social and emotional learning, mental health supports, and school discipline.
  • Members in five states plan to prioritize parent, student, educator, or community-wide engagement initiatives.
  • Advocates across the Network offered to share expertise on a variety of advocacy strategies, ranging from coalition-building to strategic communications.

State Snapshot

Twenty-six PIE Network members in 13 states and D.C. are planning to prioritize emerging issues or additional issues in 2019.

Member Engagement

Below, you’ll see lists of member organizations who plan to work on similar policies. If you’re interested in connecting with any of the organizations listed below, ask Eric for an introduction.

School Climate & Culture

  • CO Teach Plus Colorado: Social emotional learning
  • DC FOCUS: Support initiative to put an additional 25 million dollars into city-supported mental health services for students
  • DC PAVE: Increase mental health supports and trauma-informed training in schools
  • IL Educators for Excellence-Chicago: Support advocacy pertaining to our School Climate & Culture Campaign, particularly regarding mental health of educators
  • IL Teach Plus Illinois: Create tool to assist teachers in providing SEL and trauma-informed practice in schools
  • WA League of Education Voters: Provide mental health and other student support resources in every school
  • WA Stand for Children Washington: Increase funding for guidance counselors

School Discipline

  • CO Teach Plus Colorado: School-to-prison pipeline
  • IN Stand for Children Indiana: Support continued research and implementation of improved school discipline models across the state
  • MN EdAllies: Replace school pushout with practices that promote long-term improvements to student behavior
  • MN Educators for Excellence-Minnesota: Address racial discipline disparities in discipline by improving reporting, increasing student and parent rights, limiting the use of suspensions in certain instances, and providing trainings on non-exclusionary alternatives
  • TN Stand for Children Tennessee: Advocacy for impacting discipline reform with pilot prevention/support (trauma-informed, SEL, restorative) programs in schools and increase in student support staffing (counselors, social workers, behavioral specialists)

Community Engagement Initiatives

  • CA Innovate Public Schools: Train organizers and parents from across the country on building effective parent power to drive educational equity
  • DE DelawareCAN: Increase participation in our community training programs to support parent advocates
  • IL Educators for Excellence-Chicago: Engage in statewide education partnership coalitions
  • OR Chalkboard Project: Support community-based organizations as a partner
  • TN Campaign for School Equity: Launch our inaugural conference on education equity for Tennessee students and educators

Personalized Learning

  • DE Rodel Foundation of Delaware: Expand the state’s support for social and emotional learning and personalized learning
  • FL Foundation for Florida’s Future: Give flexibility to districts participating in personalized learning programs and open the law to additional district
  • RI Teach Plus Massachusetts: Increase understanding and support for personalized learning initiative among parents, teachers, and business community in Rhode Island
  • Multiple States Foundation for Excellence in Education: Support dozens of states’ implementation of next generation learning policies that include personalized learning and competency-based education

Special Education

  • CA Innovate Public Schools: Pilot and advance local campaign to improve special education in San Jose Unified
  • WA Black Education Strategy Roundtable: Special education funding
  • WA League of Education Voters: Provide adequate and effective funding for special education programs that encourages best practices in inclusion and serving students

English Language Learners

  • AZ Stand for Children Arizona: Reform English Language Learner program
  • CA Teach Plus California: Provide districts with tools for intervening with students at-risk of being long-term English learners


  • AZ Expect More Arizona: Identify and support student needs, including mechanisms to address the achievement gaps
  • LA DFER Louisiana: Advancing a progressive, reform-minded advocacy plan in East Baton Rouge Parish focused on  PR campaign, policy changes within portfolio management, facilities and budget, and advocating for new leadership and superintendent
  • OR Chalkboard Project: Build technical assistance support for community design and measure implementation
  • TN SCORE: Champion and maintain support for the student-focused policies and practices that have driven unprecedented progress in student achievement, equity, and excellence
  • TN TennesseeCAN: Defend progress on key education reforms as the state transitions to a new administration

Expertise on this Issue

Advocates from across the Network have offered to thought partner on the following issues within this policy area:

Emerging Issues

Advocacy Strategies

Click here to explore the full 2019 Network Member Priorities overview.

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