How Members Are Prioritizing Standards & Assessment in 2019
December 11, 2018

2019 Outlook

Over the last two years, standards and assessments have decreased as priorities for Network members. The approval of state ESSA plans may have contributed to a sense of resolution, but advocates would be wise to remain vigilant. Click here to explore the full 2019 Network Member Priorities overview.

Key Takeaways

  • In previous years, members were focused on defense of their systems; that is still likely the case even if not reflected in the survey results.
  • A few advocates are seeking to innovate within their assessment systems, such as A for Arizona and DFER Colorado.
  • Graduation requirements continue to be an area of focus as advocates look to ensure students are prepared for what’s next.

State Snapshot

Five PIE Network members in 4 states are planning to prioritize standards & assessment issues in 2019.

Member Engagement

Below, you’ll see lists of member organizations who plan to work on similar standards & assessment policies. If you’re interested in connecting with any of the organizations listed below, ask Eric for an introduction.

  • AZ A for Arizona: Provide support during implementation of assessment choice policy
  • CO Democrats for Education Reform Colorado: Create a grant program for districts to implement recently adopted, high quality science standards
  • NJ JerseyCAN: Protect administration of a rigorous, high-quality assessment aligned to high standards and protect high-quality standards
  • WA Black Education Strategy Roundtable: Retain high school graduation requirement of 24 credits and link test results to graduation
  • WA Partnership for Learning: Maintain state’s rigorous test-based and credit-based graduation requirements

Expertise on this Issue

Advocates from across the Network have offered to thought partner on the following issues within this policy area:

Click here to explore the full 2019 Network Member Priorities overview.

    PIE Network

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